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How to Find the Right Builder

Posted by admin on March 4, 2016

Is your Builder Really a Trusted Builder?

Most of the people starting the building process in Australia at the moment, are doing it for the first time… and why not? You get the floorplan of you love, the inclusions that you dream of, in a new suburb with all the modern conveniences.

We rely on friends and family for advice, we go to facebook sites, however generally we turn to Dr. Google when we’re really not sure- but let’s be honest, a salesperson has told us how good the builder is, and we are honestly going on blind faith that they know what they are doing, will keep their promises and won’t rip us off.

Building companies spend millions of $$ each year in marketing, hashtags, display homes, gimmicks and giveaways…not to mention the hours that the salespeople spend at Sales courses, all designed to lure your pen to paper and sign on with that builder….

At Compare the Builder, we work side by side with the some of Melbourne’s truly professional, and Most Trusted Builders as an advocate on your behalf… we have a panel of 20 builders ( not just one) that we work with that specialise in the work that you need carried out, Whether it’s a bespoke federation style home, a architectural  beach house, a multi-unit development in the city, or an extension in the suburbs… we have the right set of builders for you.


We understand our builder strengths, what they really do well, and cost effective… and we will refer the right job to the right builders for you. See, one builder may specialise in single storey homes, and may not have the trade base to carry out a multi-unit design project…whereas another may be set up to build 150 homes a year in the suburbs, and not have the expertise to build an Edwardian Loft Home.



With over 20 builders that we work with directly on a daily basis, we ensure your project runs smoothly from start to completion. We will be there at the start, and be handing the keys over to you at the end…

Our Builders all Agree and Sign off to a Code of Ethics, are fully licensed and Insured, Have the systems, staff and contractors to carry out your work, have had jobs checked by our team on a regular basis,, and are able to give us fixed pricing in days…not weeks! Most importantly, they will also, as part of the Contract, pay on your behalf, for an independent building inspector to check at each stage of the job, to ensure that the highest quality home in being built for you! It’s just what we do!

Contact us today and let’s get your project underway and remember “Don’t sign anything, until you talk to Us”

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