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Yarraville Series by Compare the Builder

Discover the epitome of modern urban living with the Yarraville Series of Homes, exclusively offered by Compare the Builder. Tailored for the savvy homeowner seeking a perfect blend of style, functionality, and flexibility, the Yarraville Series is particularly ideal for inner-city knockdown rebuilds on 10.6m wide blocks or narrow lots in new developments.

Designed as a 2-storey haven, these homes boast four spacious bedrooms and two large living areas, providing ample room for families to thrive. The proportions of each space have been meticulously planned, ensuring a harmonious balance between openness and privacy. The centerpiece of the home is the large entertaining kitchen equipped with modern amenities and a walk-in pantry, making it a chef’s delight and a focal point for social gatherings.

The stunning layout of the Yarraville Series reflects a commitment to perfection in design. Whether you prefer an industrial-style ambiance or a more modern aesthetic, Compare the Builder provides an array of facades and finishes to allow for personalisation, allowing you to create a home that truly resonates with your taste and lifestyle.

Engage in a collaborative journey with a dedicated Custom Home expert from Compare the Builder who will work one-on-one with you to bring your vision to life. From conceptualising the design to selecting the perfect finishes, the team at Compare the Builder ensures that every detail aligns with your preferences. With the Yarraville Series, embark on a tailored homebuilding experience that redefines urban living with style and sophistication.

Unleash your creativity and personalise your Yarraville Series home with our diverse range of facades. Choose from our five stunning standard options, including Standard, Modern, Urban, Coastal, and Hamptons. Each facade is carefully crafted to reflect a distinct aesthetic, allowing you to tailor your home to your unique style. If you’re feeling adventurous, go beyond the standard and customise every detail, ensuring your Yarraville Series home is a true reflection of your personality and taste. With Compare the Builder, the power to design your dream home is in your hands.

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