What are the benefits of Comparing your quote through Compare the Builder?

Comparing building quotes through Compare the Builder offers many advantages, such as:

  1. Consistency in services and inclusions, ensuring that all the quotes you receive from prospective builders are fair, consistent and that they all quote on the same scope of work. This means it is easier to compare the quotes with each other.
  2. It streamlines the decision-making process by presenting various options within a familiar framework, making it easier to assess which builder best suits your budget and needs.
  3. It may facilitate higher value quotes from the builders as you are part of group buying power, rather than a one off build. There may be potential cost savings or additional incentives provided to win your tender.

Not only this, we work with you to select the quote that offers you a high quality result that works within your budget while giving you value for money. Cheapest is not always best value for money. Some things that affect value for money in a building quote include:

  • Builders quoting on different scopes of work.
  • Additional costs that may not be included in the scope of work and arise throughout the build.
  • Quality of materials the builder intends to use.
  • The builder’s experience and reputation.
  • How quickly they will complete the project.


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