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Whether you are fully prepared to embrace your inner designer or have a few ideas in a notepad, the team at Compare the Builder are ready and equipped to tackle your dream design head on.
Specialising in concept drawings we will begin to bring your ideas to life and commence the journey of designing your perfect home, extension or development. The concept package from Compare the Builder includes site plan, floor plan, elevations, material schedule, window and door schedules and 3D imagery, everything you need to get a quote from your builder.
Offering you flexibility, maximum input and hassle-free amendments, Compare the Builder is your go-to for custom-designs. Our team believe that no design is perfect after just one meeting. That’s why we offer unlimited meetings and amendments as part of our client-based concept package, so you get exactly what you want for a fixed fee with no hidden nasties.


If your project is a townhouse development it will require a Town Planning Permit. If your dream house is affected by any overlays or on a lot less than 300m² it will also require a Town Planning Permit, not to worry, the team at Compare the Builder have all of your Town Planning Drawings covered.
Our skilled designers will discuss your possible need for a Town Planning Permit at the concept stage to ensure your bespoke design meets all council policies and guidelines and ultimately ensuring your Town Planning Drawings will be on point. All liaising with town planners and consultants will be taken care of by the handy bunch at Compare the Builder, so you can sit back and relax, knowing as always that there are no hidden fees with us.


Reaching the milestone of finalising design features and preparing to have your dream build commenced is significant and the team at Compare the Builder will be right there by your side. We understand that this final stage of the design process often requires navigating your way through consultations and negotiations with building surveyors, building consultants and builders, in the name of keeping your design experience stress-free, our team will do the liaising for you at no extra cost.
With years of experience we pride ourselves on our ability to create working drawings to the highest standard, so your builders and contractors know what you expect for your custom-designed dream build. All working drawings crafted by us contain all the information needed to obtain a building permit.

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