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The Compare the Builder websites

The CtB websites provide an information service to obtain quotes and compare certain products and services on the basis of particular criteria you may select including brand and price.

The services quoted and compared are not representative of all the products and services available in the market. At times, not all brands or products from those brands may be available or offered to you. 

Teh CtB website is a means to gather the information  required to provide quotes from local builders part of our platform for the services required.

It may also contain general recommendations about the process,  products and services and what to consider when building or engaging a building contractor, however, it contains no personal recommendations, suggestions or advice about the suitability of a product or service for You and Your needs, and does not take into account Your individual circumstances. Before acting on the information and guidance provided by the CtB Websites, You should evaluate Your own individual needs, objectives and situation and which products are suitable for You, and if necessary seek independent financial or investment advice before making a decision to acquire.

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